Baby games

Playing is a natural phenomenon. However, there are multiple ways to nurture your baby’s skills and boost brain development by playing and interacting with your baby via well researched games.

Games and interactions aid in bonding with your baby too. Baby games aid in brain development and skills, which means when selecting games and interactions with your baby strive for nurturing your baby’s skills.

Through age appropriate games and interactions babies develop social skills, explore creativity, develop new skills and learn to interact with parents, other children and adults.

Baby games and play support in physical, socio-emotional, language, auditory, visual development and overall enhancement. Both parents must provide a healthy and nurturing environment for baby games and play.

Through baby games the baby learns life skills and gains confidence in the self.

Cognitive development is nurtured through play as the baby learns to see, smell, and taste which aid in brain development.

There are numerous Bornsmart games that aid in such developments.

Playing games in the form of rocking your baby, laughing with your baby, reading to your baby, singing to your baby, playing pee ka boo games with your baby and giving your baby toys to grasp, throw, shake and just explore.

Basically, as your baby grows over the months, a variety of games can be played and changed to nurture development in your baby. Bornsmart thrives on baby interactions for you and your baby with a range of interactions that are fun, a learning experience and increase bonding between parents and baby.

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