Baby Motor Development

Motor development is divided into gross motor development and fine motor development.

  • What is Gross Motor Skill Development?
    Gross motor skill development can be observed in your baby, which simply means your baby’s ability to control the large muscle group of the body such as the torso, arms, feet, legs and entire body. This refers to walking, running, crawling and jumping. Gross motor skills are developed before fine motor skills.
  • What is Fine Motor Skill Development?
    The fine motor skills is the ability to move the smaller muscle groups of the body such as controlling fingers, toes, eyes, tongue etc. Motor development is a natural phenomenon that occurs as the baby grows with age. Developments can be nurtured for boosting motor development. Each development is a milestone achieved by your baby.
  • Basics of motor development
    Babies have natural reflexes such as the rooting reflex, sucking, grasping and much more. This comes naturally to a baby. Such reflexes are not taught or forced on your baby. However, you may nurture it, by playing interactive games with your baby. For example when a baby is hungry the thumb automatically goes in the mouth and the baby starts suckling on the thumb. Now this is all a natural process. Such a reflex cannot be taught, it is natural. Therefore, the first weeks of life are majorly dominated by reflexive movements.A new born baby’s brain is not developed enough for a controlled skilled movement. Therefore, growth and development starts with the head first moving then to the whole body below. With time your baby will be able to control the whole body.

    Your baby can be encouraged and nurtured by playing interactive Born Smart games to support brain development. However, do not force your baby to hold objects or stand up. Forcing your child to grow and develop skills can damage the brain. So let your baby lead and do what is comfortable. Keep your baby happy.

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