Baby Safety

Injuries are predictable and can be avoided by taking preventive measures. New parents need to understand the importance of preventive measures, baby proofing the home, car and areas baby will be spending its time in.

When you purchase cots, strollers, high chairs, toys, bath tubs, pacifier’s safety should be the first priority. Sturdiness of a stroller, safe colours used in pacifiers, safe toys all need to be considered. Do not be charmed by colours and advertisements. Do not be charmed by sales or brands. Buy what is safe for your baby.

Simple measures can go a long way to keep your baby and you in good health

  • Home Safety
    • Baby proof all sharp edges on tables, chairs, sofas, corner tables, coffee tables etc.
    • Remove all sharp material and artifacts from around the house.
    • Remove all inflammable products such as incense or candles, lamps around the home.
    • The pots and pans in the home should not be kept on the first burners of your gas range. There is a danger of it falling. Keep it at the back burners.
    • Do not hold your baby while you are cooking and doing household chores. Accidents can happen. Avoid multitasking with your baby.
    • Keep away hot water from your baby or do not allow your baby to be in areas where there is a risk.
    • Medication of all kinds should not be accessible to your baby or fall on your baby.
    • Keep door stoppers on your doors, so the doors do not open and close automatically to protect your baby.
  • Safety during feeding
    • Always check the temperature of the bottled milk before feeding your baby.
    • Always sterilize the milk bottles before feeding your baby.
    • If you are feeding your baby formula, check the expiration dates and for allergy labels, nutrition labels.
    • Always hold your baby while feeding, do not do any other chores while feeding.
    • Always check if your baby is drinking the milk. If your baby has gone to sleep then stop feeding. Make sure baby does not choke on the milk. Take breaks if baby needs it.
  • Safety during driving
    • Make sure you travel with your baby in a car chair which has strong straps. Make sure it is not too tight on your baby. Always buckle your baby and accompany your baby in the back seat.
    • Preferably try not to leave your baby alone at the back seat. If you have someone else driving for you, you may sit at the back seat with your baby. If you do have to drive and have no company to sit with your baby at the back seat – then stop and keep checking on your baby. Do not check on the baby while you are driving. Always park at a safe zone and then check on your baby.
    • Do not carry your baby on your lap while driving.
    • Do not over heat the car or make it too cold.
    • Always keep the ventilation on, you may open a bit of the car window if the air-conditioning or heat if off.
  • Safety during sleeping
    • Beware of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Do not leave your baby on the stomach to sleep. Always place your baby on its back when playing or sleeping. When babies are on their stomach they may not be able to breathe which may be a cause of death or suffocation. Monitor your baby while sleeping regularly.
    • Do not put any toys, soft toys, pillow around your baby. They may fall on your baby and suffocate the baby. Keep the area of sleep clutter free and secure. Keep checking on your baby.
    • When swaddling your baby, choose a cloth as per the weather a warm swaddle cloth may over heat your baby, or too think a swaddle cloth may not keep your baby warm enough. Swaddling should be comfortable and not too tight causing suffocation or too loose. Check with a professional and learn the correct ways of swaddling your baby.
    • Do not allow anyone to smoke in your baby’s presence or wear the same clothes while they were smoking as smoke particles stick to the smokers garments which can be transferred to the baby while hugging and touching. This can cause allergies and breathing disorders in your baby.
    • Always have a form of ventilation in the room. Do not keep all windows closed. Either an air conditioner or some form of ventilation is necessary to avoid suffocation.
  • Safety during bathing
    • Always be close to your baby during a bath, do not leave your baby unsupervised in the bath tub. Be in arms distance with your baby or hold your baby in your arm. Do not leave your baby with another child or sibling as they will be too young to handle such tasks.
    • Do not do any chores such as cooking, cleaning, or attending to mail or the door while your baby is in the bath. Need be take your baby along. However, do not leave your baby alone.
    • Do not use electronic products such as hair dryer or gadgets while your baby is in the bath.
    • After you have used the bath tub, drain the water.
    • Always close washing machines etc to avoid your baby from crawling into it.
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