Baby’s first poop

Your baby’s first poop does not smell bad, as the poop is sterile. This is because the intestines are yet not lined with bacteria. So, when will your baby actually have its first poop? Sometime in the first 24 hours of life. If passing stools takes longer than this, doctors look for issues pertaining to intestinal blockages, an underdeveloped anus, stool that is stuck or something called a meconium plug. During your pregnancy your baby’s digestive system begins to work by your baby swallowing the amniotic fluid.

Things to know about your baby’s first poop

  • The Meconium poop
    It is made up of amniotic fluid, bile, and shed skin cells, begins to collect in your baby’s intestines while he is in your womb. When your baby has the first bowel movement, he will empty the meconium that has been collecting. Most babies start to pass meconium within 12 hours of their birth and will continue till 24 hours.
  • A breast fed baby’s poop
    It is yellow, watery with little whitish seedy looking bits.
  • A Formula fed baby’s poop
    It has lesser watery stool with a pasty consistency and yellow in color.

If your baby’s stools are white or red, you must contact your doctor immediately and have a doctor check your baby. Do not delay.

If your baby is feeding well you’ll notice that in a few days the colour of the poop will change from black to dark green and then yellow in color. However, if you have any questions or concerns, you should speak with the doctor immediately for assistance. It is always wise to have a doctor check your baby. Do not self diagnose a baby.

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