Bathing your baby

With time both baby and parents progress with the bathing concept. Gradually a parent learns the best bathing techniques that suit their baby whether it is a sponge bath or water bath. Gradually and slowly you will master the bathing skill.

Here are a few tips that can help you make bathing time more comfortable for your baby and you.

  • Bathing Time
    Bathe your baby when he or she is alert and happy. Do not bath your baby when he or she is sleepy, tired, cranky or feeling unwell. Bathing time should be enjoyable for your baby. Follow a routine for bathing. However, go with your instincts and do not rush a bath or prolong it.
  • Daily Bathing or No
    You do not have to bath your baby every day. However, if you are not bathing your baby every day, you must clean him or her by changes diapers often, wiping your baby after every poop and pee with fresh wipes. Make your baby wear clean, fresh clothes. Also keep your baby’s neck, face clean at all times. However, try giving bath as often as possible, once a day to maintain hygiene. If your baby is unwell, you may sponge bath your baby till it has recovered.
  • Sponge bath or water bath
    For a couple of weeks till the umbilical cord is healed, a sponge bath is a good idea as it helps avoid infections or wetting of the wound. Once your baby has healed, you may start bathing your baby with water in a baby bath tub. Collect all the supplies such as shampoo, moisturizer, wipes and all the requirements before you start bathing your baby. Do not leave your baby alone at any time. Use plain warm water and not hot or cold water. Do test the water before you pour it on your baby. Wash your baby’s toes, between the toes, the arms, under the arms, neck area, diaper area etc. Keep the baby warm after a bath. Wrap your baby in a towel after a shower and dress your baby in fresh clean clothes after.
  • Picking the right tub and water temperature
    When choosing a bath tub for your baby safety is the number one consideration. A slip proof, strong, sturdy are some of the parameters you may look into. Use warm water and not cold or hot water while bathing your baby. Do test the water temperature on yourself before pouring it on your baby. Do not keep your baby wet after a bath to avoid a cold.
  • Ways to hold your baby during a bath
    Use one hand to support your baby’s head and the other to hold your baby or pour water on the baby’s body. With one hand support your baby’s head and body by wrapping your baby in your arm or arm pit. Do not rush into a bath, if you feel you are not confident and need assistance, please ask for it for baby’s safety.
  • The actual bath
    Wash your baby’s diaper area, all the skin folds such as the neck area, arm pits, thighs, between fingers and toes. If your baby’s scalp is dirty or oily, you may wash your baby’s hair. Do not let the water or shampoo get in your baby’s eyes. Use little hair product and only baby products. Wipe your baby gently after the bath and moisture the baby if the skin is dry and make your baby wear clean comfortable clothes.
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