Benefits of baby massage

A massage is therapeutic at any age. Massaging your baby gently assists in the overall growth of your baby by stimulating all the five senses. Make massaging your baby a part of your daily routine, make it a bonding experience.

A gentle stroke massage assists in muscle development, calming a baby, makes it easy to the baby to fall asleep, eases teething aches as well as stomach pains and gas. Soon your baby will begin to enjoy it.

Some tips

  • Baby’s massage time
    Massage your baby at the same time every day if possible. However, if your baby is sleepy post pone the massage.
  • Oils for massage
    Use gentle, organic oils that are chemical free. Some recommended oils are grape seed, coconut, mostly natural oils. Keep away from mineral oils. Keep away from nut oils, as some babies are allergic to nuts. Keep away from fragrant oils or ones that are too strong. Preferably organic oils and fresh oils should be used. Do not use stale oils or oils kept in the storage for a long time. Use oils that are easily absorbed by the body and use small quantities.
  • When to massage
    Massage your baby when its food is digested. Do not massage your baby before meal times when your baby is hungry or after meal times when baby is full. A light belly is appropriate for a massage.
  • Area for massage
    Since your baby will be oily, preferably choose a space that is slip proof and safe your baby. Put a bath towel underneath your baby as the towel will help absorb the extra oil. You may lay your baby on a rug with a towel or your bed with a towel. However, do not leave your baby unattended at any time. Seek assistance if required. Arrange all the massage oils, towels, napkins before laying your baby for a massage, so you do not have to leave your baby alone and fetch for things. Keep the temperature of the room normal, neither too hot nor cold. Keep it warm. You may also play relaxation music for your baby to make it therapeutic or feel free to sing with your baby and talk to your baby.
  • Strokes
    Keep your massage strokes gentle. Do not press your baby’s body or head hard at all. Be soft and keep it light. You do not have to give your child a complete body massage. You may sometimes massage the legs or hands or feet.
  • No massage babies
    You will be surprised that not all babies like a massage. Therefore, if your baby is uncomfortable, do not massage your baby. You may try it again later after a few days.
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