Bornsmart Parent Toddler Programme

What is Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) Programme?

Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) Programme is a brain based programme, with interactive 90 minutes sessions between parent/s & child. The Born Smart interactions are filled with carefully designed activities that nurture and build motor abilities, language, socioemotional skills and cognitive skills in growing babies and toddlers.
90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of three. Children inherit genes from both parents and that decides 50% of their intelligence. The rest will be determined by the environment you raise your child in. Preschool starts at the age of two to three years and by then the brain has gone through most of its intensive phase of development. So make the most of the crucial brain development period and help nurture your child’s growing brain and hone your parenting skills too.

Give your child the Born Smart advantage.
Join the Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) Programme with your child.

Comfortable feeding area available for mothers.

(Nannies strictly not allowed. Afterall, it is a mother-toddler (parent-toddler) programme)


We call our Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler)
Programme a Learning Spa because…

It nurtures your child’s growing brain.


It helps you have 60-70 minutes of relaxing fun with your child.


It helps you bond with other parents.


It rejuvenates you with a change in schedule that is relaxing and fun for both you and your baby/ toddler.


Timings and Sessions :

Every session will be up to 60-70 minutes.
There will be a Born Smart Mentor who will lead the session.
She will be a trained early childhood expert.

Each 60-70 minutes Born Smart session will have a combination of any 3 of the following activities. Some activities will be group and some will be individual guided activities for you and your child.

Chatter Box

During Chatter Box time there will be singing or storytelling session with books, puppets and props. This session will help nurture the childs listening skills,
vocabulary and will support growing socio-emotional development.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks will be another activity that parent/s and child will enjoy, these are 5
minute games that the parent will play with the child. Each game will focus on nurturing
a combination of different skills like physical, language, social, emotional and
cognitive. These games will help parents understand the age, stage and development
of their child and how to handle different parenting issues, tantrums and growth needs
of the child through fun brain based interactions.

Treasure Bag

Parents/child will be given a treasure bag with a toy and a game card and through this
session the child will be able to explore the world of sound, shapes, colour, movement,
patterns and more. This activity helps the child to understand the world around and
increase vocabulary exploration. The fun lled games with bonding with the parent
help strengthen the attachment between parent and child thus contributing to
stronger emotional bonds. The games also help the child learn and remember.


Little Explorers

Little Explorers is where the parent and child will have guided play activities with sand, water, art or messy play. These activities help nurture language, fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, cognitive and socio-emotional skills.

Musical Massage

Its then time for a Musical Massage, funny finger rhymes and songs are integrated to help the parent/s-child indulge in stimulating yoga and massage activities. This session helps the child to relax, focus and the soft touching and moving involved stimulates the growing brain.

Sensory Spa

A session of Sensory Spa would include stimulation for senses like sight,sound, touch and hearing, integrated with fun activities and equipment. This activity helps stimulation of all the essential senses.

Choose the Born Smart Learning Spa age group for your baby:

The Born Smart New Born between 1-9 months:
The touch-look-communicate stage
During the first 9 months, young babies react to touch and sound stimuli. Reciprocity, proto conversations, face to face interactions assist in nurturing and stimulating the baby’s all round growth. In this programme parents understand how to adapt the environment and interactions to the touch-look-communicate stage of their baby.


The Born Smart Baby between 10-18 months:
The sit-stand-hold-explore stage
During the period from 10 to 18 months babies’ start exploring their environment due to increased mobility and language development. In this programme parents understand what are expressive and receptive language, tactile sensation and grasping skills. Parents also learn regarding the emerging skills of their baby due to which babies are able to explore their environment more intentionally, to understand more about their world.


The Born Smart Toddler between 19-26 months:
The move-walk-play-talk stage
From 19 to 26 months young children gain pleasure in moving, communicating and learning through play. This is the stage of growing independence. Parents learn how to support the growing needs of independence, mobility and exploration thus nurturing all round brain development.


The Born Smart Toddler Plus between 27-36 months:
The learn-grow-ask-think stage
From 27 to 36 months children’s competences at learning, thinking and asking questions are evident. They show increased confidence in themselves and their interactions with others. Parents understand and learn how to support this crucial stage of development that will lay the foundation for lifelong learning.


At Born Smart, we seek ‘Developmental Appropriateness.’ A child’s brain is 90% developed by the age of 3, which means that till the age of 3, a child is going through various stages of development, and children will often reach the important milestones in this period at different times.  At Born Smart, we take into account those aspects of learning which change amongst babies as they grow and develop from 0 months to 3 years. As Fred Rogers said, ‘Play is the work of childhood and play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning,’ and we understand how important play is to children’s brain development. After all, play makes learning fun, its active learning and encourages children to get involved and helps them develop skills such as:

  • Physical skills
  • Emotional skills
  • Language skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Social skills

Mother (Parent) Toddler Curriculum

The Born Smart Mother- Toddler (Parent-Toddler) Curriculum is unique in that it promotes educational awareness and oftentimes teaches parents to understand their child’s developing brain, skills, emotions and milestones. Parents get an opportunity to be a part of this program at the Born Smart centers, yet they also get to take this knowledge home and practice what they learn with their babies, truly nurturing their babies skills. Born Smart is proud to have created the Born Smart Curriculum after years of research on children and their growing brain to create a product which helps children gain brighter brains.

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Born Smart is a website with social objectives whose surpluses are reinvested for that purpose in the website or in the community. Born Smart has a distinct and valuable role to play in helping create a strong sustainable and socially inclusive parenting tool that is redirected to strengthening learning in parents about brain development and the importance of early childhood care.


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