Brushing Toddler

AAll parents want to their children to have healthy teeth and gums. Many parents are frustrated trying to teach their toddlers to brush correctly. However, toddlers learn only when the process is fun and short.

Here are a few ways to teach your toddler to brush

  • Use a child friendly, fluoride free tooth paste.
  • Let your toddler explore the tooth brush you bought for him or her.
  • In case your toddler is not comfortable with a tooth brush, you can show your toddler how to use the index finger to brush teeth too.
  • Buy a fun looking tooth brush instead of a boring plane brush.
  • Let your toddler observe you when you are brushing. Toddlers love to imitate what they see, and you soon will see that your toddler too is trying to brush like you.
  • Do not scold or force your toddler to brush, be at ease with him or her. Sooner or later they will brush their teeth.
  • Make a routine for brushing – first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed.
  • Tell your toddler stories while brushing teeth, for example make the tooth brush an airplane and say “the airplane is now entering the mouth and cleaning the all teeth, zoom zoom zoom”. So, make it fun!
  • If nothing else works, try brushing your toddler’s teeth yourself.


Remember the more you impose the more your toddler will resist brushing its teeth. Make it a happy experience not a compulsion routine.

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