Dressing and Toddler

Most toddlers between the age of two and three insist on dress and undressing themselves on their own. Let them explore. Letting your toddler do their chores such as dressing, folding, picking their own outfit, shoes, and accessories creates a sense of independence in toddlers. Therefore, let it be a process of fun and learning for your toddler. If you see your toddler is struggling to wear a dress, or socks- then help your toddler and support your toddler. Do not let them get frustrated in the process of dressing up or dressing down.

Ideas for dressing your toddler

  • Make sure the fabric you buy is comfortable on the skin and doesn’t poke your toddler causing rashes and injuries.
  • Make sure the zippers are smooth and there are no pins or sequences that can hurt your toddler or your toddler doesn’t swallow. If your toddler prefers one colour to another that you have picked, then buy the one your toddler likes, after all the toddler has to wear it. Let your toddler make independent decisions. Ask your toddler his or her preference.

Struggling with dressing your toddler

Just like how adults at times do not feel like changing or dressing up, the same way toddler too may feel the same. Therefore, do not force your toddler to dress up or get ready. Be patient and understand your toddler. If you do have to go out, attend a party and know you need to be on time – then start the dressing process a few hours earlier than usual. Give your toddler some time. If your toddler wants to wear miss matched clothes and you do not feel it is appropriate, be calm. It is alright for toddlers to wear fun clothing as long as it is appropriate. Do not be fashion conscious, a toddler is too young for such pressure.

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