Emotional Health and Pregnancy

During your third month of pregnancy you may go through many highs and lows emotionally – do not be troubled as this is a very normal phase in a pregnant woman’s life.

What might you experience?

You may experience bouts of enchantment at times, restless, overjoyed and sometimes fatigued. It is not necessary that you feel all this. You may just feel as normal as before. However, in case you are unable to handle your emotions or feel overwhelmed speak to your doctor who is handling your pregnancy; seek support and encouragement from near and dear ones. Look to your partner for reassurance and comfort. Deep breathing, relaxation techniques and natural aromas may relax you.

What might you do to ease the emotional experiences?

  • If you do not have anyone around you for support, then involve yourself in positive and cheerful activities such as a hobby class of painting, decorating, and other arts/crafts. Make a routine for yourself involving a yoga class every day, followed by breathing exercises for pregnant mothers. Meet with close friends, take a walk early mornings or when it is not hot outside. Enjoy yourself by reading on motherhood, plan ahead for your baby birth; organize activities you will do with your baby such as games for your baby’s finest stimulation. Remember you are not alone you have a baby growing inside you.
  • Although you may be very blissful on becoming a parent soon, it may cause emotional stress to your life regarding finances after the birth of your baby. Also, if it is an unplanned pregnancy, the accepting the pregnancy may take time for some. Be patient, and feel fortunate on being pregnant. Some pregnant mothers worry if their baby is going to be healthy or not. To clear this, consult with your doctor so you do not have to continue to worry about your baby. Some women may feel it is difficult to cope with work while being pregnancy. However, talk to your boss if required.
  • To cope with such bouts of emotions doctors recommend sharing your feelings with your partner, indulging in yoga and breathing exercises, massages to soothe yourself and eventually learning to handle such feelings with ease. If nothing works, just know that this is normal and it is a phase that shall change soon.

However, if you are incapable of handle your emotions are anxious most of the time speak to your doctor. Everything has a solution.

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