Exercise and Pregnancy

“Can I keep up with my regular exercise program now that I’m pregnant” is a question majorly asked by pregnancy moms. You are carrying a new life and exercise in moderations is advised. Pregnancy does not mean you give up your sporting life, however moderation of work outs need to be changed. Most doctors advice the expectant mothers to walk, take up yoga but with several cautions, depending on the fitness of mother and child. Always check with your doctor before continuing or starting a new exercise regime and never exercise to an extent that you are in a state of fatigue or can’t breathe.

Some facts and pointers

  • Exercising during pregnancy is not for losing weight. It is for keeping fit, healthy, keeping your energy levels high and also to keep you strong. Under medical supervision exercises should be observed or speak to your health care advisor. Stop exercising before you get tired.
  • Follow a routine of about 15-20 minutes and consult your doctor for more details.
  • If you have never worked out or exercised, speak to your doctor before starting any form of exercise. Exercise should make you feel stronger and good. If exercising exhausts you then consult your doctor and trainer.
  • Eat nutritious, fresh and healthy foods after a workout, walk etc. Drink plenty of water to maintain hydration levels.
  • A group class specifically for pregnant women is advisable, as all exercises will be oriented for pregnant women only.
  • Keep calm with relaxation techniques such as meditation, gentle music, breathing exercises and yoga for pregnant women.
  • Exercise should be stopped if you have sudden bleeding, feeling sick or faintish, fatigued, sleepy, dizziness, an increase in pulse rate, palpitations or any form of complication. Consult your doctor immediately. Do not self diagnose yourself.
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