Expert’s Speak

Meet the expert – Stephan-Rushton

Dr. Stephen Rushton

Stephen Rushton, Ph D, has 25 years of experience in education spanning three countries. Dr. Rushton specializes in brain-based learning, communication skills, and interpersonal, social emotional relationships within the learning process. He is the author of Teaching and Learning From The Inside Out: A model for reflection, exploration and action as well as the author of various articles. His research area focuses on teacher effectiveness, specifically connecting the recent discoveries in brain research to the educational arena.

Meet the expert – Toni Christie

Ms. Toni Christie

Ms. Toni Christie is the Director of Childspace Early Childhood Institute in Wellington, New Zealand. She holds a Master's degree in Education and her research interests include infants and toddlers, environment design, nature education and leadership.

Meet the expert – Swati Popat

Ms. Swati Popat Vats

Swati PopatVats, is the President of Podar Education Network and Early Childhood Association- India. She spearheads Podar Jumbo Kids  and Podar Institute of Education as its founder Director. She has over 30 years of experience in early childhood care and education. As a columnist for nationally circulated newspapers and magazines, she has authored several books for children and parents. She has received the Gold Award for Child Education and is conferred the Fellowship of Honor from New Zealand Tertiary College. Most recently she was awarded by the Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India for transforming lives, and immense valuable contributions to society. Parenting Guru, teacher mentor and child rights advocate, Swati tweets, blogs about parenting, children, education and child rights using her educational philosophy of ‘Kiducation’.

George Forman – Expert Speak

Dr. George Forman

George Forman Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts retired in 2002 to found Videatives, Inc. George has over 33 years of experience in university teaching, cognitive research, multimedia design, and educational consulting in the area of early childhood learning and development. At Videatives, George is responsible for product design and content development. He has authored over 7 books, 3 videotapes and many research articles on how children think and how teachers can help children reflect on their work through drawing, video feedback, and play with objects.

Meet the expert – Karen Graham

Professor Karen Graham

Karen has had an extensive and varied career in teaching and early education. Her experience includes working with children from early years through to secondary school. She has been a Deputy Head teacher and an advisory teacher working across over 200 schools to support curriculum development and school improvement. Karen also has considerable experience working at both operational and strategic level within both the day nursery and vocational training sectors. She is Professor for Early Childhood and Family Studies at Glyndwr University where she leads work at the innovative Centre for the Child Family and Society. Karen is currently involved in a range of national and international initiatives in care and education. Internationally, this work includes representing Wales at the World Forum Foundation, working on projects with a number of universities across the world and membership of the World Forum Foundation Children's Rights Group.

Laura – Expert Speaks

Laura Henry

"Laura Henry is a leading award winning expert in early year’s education, both in the UK and internationally. She works in partnership with nurseries, pre-schools, schools, colleges, national organizations and enterprise groups, striving to raise standards, promote a child-centered approach ensuring sustainability for all private, voluntary and independent settings and schools. She works with organizations that provide services and expertise to children and families. Laura is highly regarded and popular trainer and author. She thrives on making sure that children receive the best possible care to help them reach their full potential. She is a regular contributor to Nursery World and other trade publications and is on the judging panel for the Nursery World and Nursery Management Awards on numerous occasions. She has shared her expert knowledge with government departments, as well as national and international organizations. Laura is also the representative for England on the World Forum on Early Care and Education. She works closely with parents and offers unique advice on parenting."

Jane – Expert Speaks

Jane Evans

Jane Evans has 20 years of experience in England, offering parents and families practical, emotional support who have lived with and beyond domestic violence and abuse, drug and alcohol dependency, mental and physical illness, disability, poverty, homelessness, asylum-related needs, child protection and safeguarding needs and educational welfare issues. Jane has worked with the North Wiltshire education authority and various children centers. She now specializes in brain development, attachment and trauma-informed approach to raising children. She delivers this as training to professionals, as a bespoke parenting/caring course and on a one-to-one basis.  She focuses on an understanding of brain development and function, early childhood attachment and how exposure to repetitive trauma, such as domestic abuse shapes and has an impact on this.  She believes that 'traditional' parenting based on rewards and consequences ultimately ‘trains’ children, but parenting which explores emotions and builds compassion, whilst kindly teaching about behavior, works with children’s natural desire to connect with us.


Sue Atkins

Sue Atkins from the UK, is a parenting expert, writer, speaker, broadcaster and parenting coach. Her passion is to empower and inspire millions of parents around the world with the strategies, techniques and skills they need to bring up happy, confident, well -balanced adults ~ today’s children but tomorrow’s future. She helps parents bring up happy, confident and disciplined children kids she conducts workshops, eCourses, teleseminars and 1-2-1 coaching programmes to enhance, fine tune and give you clarity, direction and confidence to parents. Sue currently runs a parent coaching company in Surrey, UK and is a regular speaker at events and workshops throughout the UK. Sue is a regular on shows on BBC radios in Surrey, UK. Sue understands that parenting can be a frustrating, overwhelming and challenging business but it can also be a huge joy, privilege and source of inspiration.

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