Feeding Your New Born Baby

Feeding time is bonding time for mother and baby both. Here are a few tips while feeding your new born baby.

  • Breast Milk or Formula
    Breast milk is the best baby food. However, many a times a mum is unable to feed her baby for various reasons. In such a case, consult your baby’s doctor for a nutritious and safe baby formula. It is important to know that a healthy new born baby does no need water, juices or any other fluids. Follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • Feed Your Baby When Hungry
    Feeding your baby on time, means a lesser cranky baby. In most cases you will be feeding your baby every two three hours – which is approximately 12 feeds in a day or less. Do not over feed your baby or deprive your baby of milk or formula.When a baby is hungry you will notice signs of sucking motions, stretching and lip movements. If a baby is not fed at that time, it will start crying and may get irritable. Learn to pick up such signs of hunger. Make a journal and you will learn when your baby starts to get hungry. How will you know your baby’s tummy is full? You will notice that your baby stops to suck for milk or from the bottle, turns its mouth away and closes its mouth. Many a times a baby is either full or just needs a break. You should go ahead and burp your baby before trying to feed it more milk.

    Important Note – In addition speak to your doctor if you or your baby needs any vitamins for good health. Do not self diagnose. Always consult your doctor for your baby’s best interest and yours too. If you are breast feeding and have soon started to get uncomfortable or are in pain, speak to your doctor or your baby’s doctor immediately. Also, if your baby is not gaining weight you should consult the baby’s doctor.

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