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What is Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) Programme?

Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) Programme is a brain development programme, with interactive 60-70 minutes sessions between parents(s) and child. The Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) interactions are filled with carefully designed activities that nurture and build motor abilities, language, socio-emotional skills, and cognitive skills in growing babies and toddlers.
Each 60-70 minutes Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent- Toddler) session will have a combination of any three of the following activities. Some activities will be grouped and some will be individual guided activities for parent and child.

Chatter Box
During Chatter Box time there will be singing or storytelling session with books, puppets and props. This session will help nurture the child’s listening skills, vocabulary and will support his or her growing socio-emotional development.

Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jacks will be another activity that parents and child will enjoy. These are 5 minute games that the parent will play with the child. Each game will focus on nurturing a combination of different skills like physical, language, social, emotional and cognitive. These games will help parents understand the age, stage and development of their child and how to handle different parenting issues, tantrums and growth needs of the child through fun brain based interactions.

Treasure Bag
Parents and child will be given a treasure bag with toys and a game card. Through this session the child will be able to explore the world of sound, shapes, colour, movement, patterns and more. This activity will help the child to understand the world around and increase vocabulary exploration. This fun filled game with the parent, helps strengthen the attachment between a parent and a child thus contributing to stronger emotional bonds. The games also help the child to learn and remember.

Little Explorers
Little Explorers is where the parent and child will have guided play activities with sand, water, art or messy play. These activities will help nurture language, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, cognitive and socio-emotional skills.

Musical Massage
During this activity, musical massage, funny finger rhymes and songs are integrated to help the
parent(s) and child indulge in stimulating yoga and massage activities. This session helps the child to relax and focus as the soft touching and moving involved in this activity stimulates the growing brain.

Sensory Spa
A session of the Sensory Spa would include stimulation for senses like sight, sound, touch and
hearing, integrated with fun activities and equipment. This activity will help stimulation of all the
essential senses.

The Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) works for the following age groups

  • The Born Smart New Born (Between 1-9 months): The Touch-Look-Communicate Stage
  • The Born Smart Baby (Between 10-18 months): The Sit-Stand-Hold-Explore Stage
  • The Born Smart Toddler (Between 19-26 months): The Move-Walk-Play-Talk Stage
  • The Born Smart Toddler Plus (Between 27-36 months): The Learn-Grow-Ask-Think Stage

Each Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) group has 10 parents and kids.

The group has mixed age groupings as per the stage of development. The curriculum is created to suit the ages in the group. The Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) buddy (teacher) is trained to guide parents to go slow or increase the pace as per the age and development of each individual child.

Will the Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) programme work successfully?
Yes, because 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of three. Preschool starts at the age of two to three years and by then the brain has gone through most of its intensive phase of development.

So, Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) programme helps you support parents to make the most of the crucial brain development period and help nurture their child’s growing brain and hone their parenting skills during the important brain development period.

What will I need to become a Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) Franchise?

  1. A room that can be used for Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) activities.
    1. If you are a preschool or daycare and can give a dedicated room, use the outdoor space for Born
      Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) then it can help you have a higher fee structure.
    2. If you are a preschool or daycare or a teacher or homemaker who wants to conduct it, but does not
      have a dedicated room, then we have a Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) fold-up model
      wherein you can store all Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) items in storage bins and
      remove them for use when the room is available.
  2. An adult that can be trained for conducting the Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler)
    activities as a Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) Buddy.

    1. Preferably trained in Early Childhood Education.
    2. If not, then you can join an online programme and complete your qualification.
    3. Good command over English Language.
    4. Toys, equipments and furniture for the Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) room.
    5. A toilet for use by the parents and a nappy changing space or feeding corner for lactating mothers.

What can I expect from Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) as a Franchise?

  1. A franchise kit that contains dockets, videos and power point presentations for training.
  2. Curriculum for the four age groups mentioned above.
  3. Training of your buddy so that she is equipped to conduct the Born Smart Mother-Toddler
    (Parent-Toddler) programme.
  4. A dedicated mentor who will handhold and guide you.
  5. Admission kits will be produced and delivered to you as per your order.
  6. We will help you with the fee structure.
  7. A total of 100 Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) brochure free with your kit, after that we charge Rs. 50 per brochure, which you can sell at Rs. 100 each.
  8. You can keep the Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) parenting and children’s books for sale at your centre and earn Rs. 100 per book. The stock has to be purchased from us. (Optional)
  9. Guidance in local marketing and publicity.
  10. Designs for marketing and publicity, including social media.

When can I launch my Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) Programme and what timings and days can I run the Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) programme?

  1. It is not linked to the academic or school year, so you can launch whenever you are ready.
  2. Timings can be as per the availability of the room and convenience of the parents joining. Each session is for 60-70 minutes, so for back to back sessions do keep a 15-minute open window for transition.

What fees can I charge?

  1. Parents have a choice to enroll for once, twice, thrice a week or even a full week.
  2. Fees can be collected session wise or monthly or quarterly or bi-annually. The discounts on fees vary.
  3. You will be helped to create an appropriate fee structure for your centre.
  4. Parents get an admission kit free with their fees of 3 months and 6 months or if they enroll for a year.
  5. If parents enroll for less than 3 months, then they get a Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) book and free access to Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) website and games. They can also download the free Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler).

What are my advantages of being a Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler)
If you are a Preschool or a Daycare:

  • The same parents will then continue with you in playschool and onwards.
  • It is a one of a kind programme, so competition is less or non-existent.
  • The Investment is very low and return on investment is faster.

If you are a Teacher or Homemaker:

  • It helps you become an educational entrepreneur with flexible timings and good income.
  • It is one of a kind programme, so competition is less or non-existent.
  • The Investment is very low and return on investment is faster.

What is the cost of the Franchise Model?
You can take a franchise for either Rs. 2,00,000 or Rs. 3,00,000 depending on the model.

  1. 1 lakh Franchise Fee (This includes the franchise set up kit).
  2. 1 lakh for equipment.
  3. 50,000 for Furniture and Ambience. (If you are a preschool or daycare) optional.
  4. 50,000 for Sensory Spa, if you are interested in setting it up for the parents and children.

Whether you run a preschool or daycare (any brand) or are a teacher, a homemaker or
a budding entrepreneur, the Born Smart Mother-Toddler (Parent-Toddler) is a
business opportunity that is the best fit for anyone who would like to invest in a good
programme that help parents nurture their child’s growing brains and become better
parents, all at flexible timings.

For Franchise Enquiry,
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