Holding your baby

Holding your baby is a technique and an art that can be learned and mastered at. Preferably both parents should know how to hold the baby right.

Let your baby feel the warmth of your body, skin and your heartbeat – make it a bonding moment – a moment of building trust. This will help form a deep connection, especially the dad to build a strong and healthy relation with the growing baby. Let the baby know it is safe with both mum and dad. Carrying and holding your baby has a very calming effect on the baby and ofcourse both parents.

Although holding comes naturally to most mums – there still are different techniques one can learn that may be helpful during different situations.

A few basic holds – depending on your baby’s mood

One of the most important aspects of holding your baby is to make eye contact with your baby.

  • The Nursing Position or The Cradle Hold
    The baby’s head goes in the crook of your arm. Extend your forearm along baby’s back and then supporting baby’s bottom with the palm of your hand.
  • Shoulder Carry or the Calming Hold
    If your baby is crying or is sleepy – gently rest your baby’s head on your shoulder while holding your baby’s lower back and bottom with that arm. Stabilize the baby’s head with your other hand.
  • Football Hold
    This is a very good hold position for nursing after a cesarean. With your dominant hand facing upwards and on your side you may place the back of your baby’s head in your palm and support her body with your forearm. This helps in holding your baby close to the side of your body.
  • Hip Carry
    When your baby can hold his or her head up, you may then use this holding technique for your baby. Start by resting your baby’s bottom on your hip bone. This way our baby will be facing outward. You may then wrap your arm around the baby’s body. This keeps your other arm free. However, it is advised never to do chores when you have a baby in your arms.
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