Making the Best of Baby’s Sleep Time

New mothers can get exhausting taking care of their baby, especially when sleep deprived. However, do not lose hope. There are many ways to help you sleep better, pursue your hobby, indulge in some “me” time or re-kindle romance with your partner. There are many ways to make you a fresh and attentive mom with energy!

Magic formulas for you to make the most with of your baby’s sleep time

  • Snooze
    Sleep when your baby sleeps. Sleep in the same room as your baby so if your baby wakes up, you will know. Put your baby in its bassinet. If you have a care taker or a partner who can watch the baby while you finish your nap – that would be icing on the cake. Consider staying away from phone calls; do not do any chores such as cooking, cleaning or washing utensils. Just sleep. A healthy and rested mom is what a baby needs. Do not indulge in social gatherings at home or be obligated to play host. It’s your time and your baby needs an attentive and fresh mother.Your partner and you could share responsibilities. You do the feeding and your partner could change diapers. At night too you could share duties so you both get your rest and the mom doesn’t get exhausted. If you are bottle feeding your baby, take turns. If you are having problems sleeping or are overwhelmed, try making your bedroom dark, listen to soothing music and meditate.

    Keep away from caffeine, nicotine and alcohol as it hinders sleep and is not good for your baby. Do not sit in the same room with a smoker. Request your partner to quit smoking as the smell and chemicals that get stuck to the smokers clothing is harmful for a baby.

  • Rekindle romance with your partner
    If you have got your sleep, spend quality time with your partner, enjoy listening to music you both love, watch a movie at home, talk, eat your favorite food or just snuggle.
  • Social life
    Although it is advisable to save all your energy for your baby, however if you do wish to socialize you could call your friends for a quiet social get together over a cup of eat or lunch. Avoid long strenuous events or cooking.Rest is the most important for a new mother.
  • The working mother
    While most moms prefer staying home with the baby, not many may have the luxury of doing so. If you have to work, opt for working from home for a few hours and also being a full time mom.
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