Making the Best of Baby’s Wake up Time

Spending time with your baby is the priority for every mom especially when the baby is awake. However, there are many other things one can accomplish while baby is awake.

  • Household Chores
    Cook your favorite meal, organize your closet, make your bed, dust proof the house, water your plants or finish what you have been procrastinating for a few days. If you have a care taker who can watch over your baby while you accomplish the tasks would be an added plus point.
  • Beauty
    You could pamper yourself with or all the beauty work you usually did earlier before a baby.
  • Play dates with a new mom
    If you know of a mom who has also delivered at the same time as yours, you could invite her along with her baby for tea or simple chatting.
  • Self time
    If you have the luxury of me time, go for it.
  • Partner or family time
    Spend time with your loved ones or your older children.
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