Mother (Parent) Toddler Activities

Animal exercises!

No. We are not talking about how to exercise as animals, but we are going to see how animal movements can be used as fun exercises for children.

Why animals?

Well simple. Children love movement and animals have a variety of movements and children love animals and love to mimic their movements!

So take your children on an animal safari.

‘So let’s go, let’s tip toe, as we don’t want to scare away the animals.

Who do we spy?’

‘Make the sound of an elephant trumpeting.Yes,an elephant.’

(Spread your legs and hold our arms away from our body and stomp around like elephants all the while singing this song.)

(Tune mulberry bush)
“This is the way the elephant walks, elephant walks. (2)
This is the way the elephant walks,
so big and huge is he.”

‘Now do you see the tall giraffe? Well lets become a giraffe.

(Stretch your neck, look up, hands at the side of your body, stretch your body on tip toe and walk like a giraffe singing this song.)

“This is the way the giraffe walks, giraffe walks (2)
This is the way the giraffe walks,
so tall and quiet is he.”

‘Now what do we see? Oh! Look at those naughty monkeys.’

(Stretch your hands above your head and act as if you are swinging from branch to branch singing this song.)
“This is the way the monkey swings, monkey swings. (2)
This is the way the monkey swings,
so quick and nimble is he.”

Roar like a lion.
(Well here comes the king of the jungle. Go on all fours, crawl majestically like a lion singing this song.)
“This is the way the lion walks, the lion walks. (2)
This is the way, the lion walks
so big and strong is he.”


  • Follow your mother or father.
  • No shouting or screaming, as you will scare away the animals!
  • No guns allowed!

Note to parents: This is an imaginary activity so it is about making them imagine the animals and having fun, when you will participate with them not only will you be able to spend quality time and bond with your child but it will also be a nice relaxing work out for you.

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