Music and Pregnancy

Music increases the attention span of a baby, it improves sleep patterns, enhances cognitive development and language skills.

Pregnant mom benefits

  • Reduces Stress Levels
    When the mom relaxes listening to soothing music then automatically the baby relaxes too. More over it reduces stress levels in a mother and gives a platform for a bonding opportunity for the pregnant mom and baby.
  • Music brings positivity
    Relaxing music, dancing music and melodies are energizing- uplifting the mood, removing negativity.

Music benefits for the baby

  • It is said by the end of the second trimester the fetus’s ability to hear is developed. However, do not over hear music. Listening to music during pregnancy does not mean that your baby will love music when it grows up. There is no scientific research for this. Do not try to over stimulate and disturb the sleep patterns of the fetus. It may also stimulate the fetus to eat more, sleep more and cry less.
  • The music that you are playing for your baby while you are pregnant can be played after your baby is born too – as your baby will already be familiar with the sound.
  • Music brings over all sensory stimulation that increases brain development.
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