Playing with Toddler

Play is fun and more! Did you know it assists in brain development in a toddler or baby? Never stop a toddler from playing, you will be hampering growth more than you realize. Let your toddlers enjoy play time or whenever he or she wants to play. Let your toddler play at anytime he or she wants. There is no particular time to play. Do not tell your toddler to keep the toys away. Let the toys be around.

Here’s why play is important

  • Play Is Good For Life.
    If adults played too, we all would be happy as children. Therefore, nurture the habit of play in a toddler. If your toddler is trying to play with a ball, a tennis racket or jump on a trampoline let them.
  • Imagination Through Play
    Toddlers imagine themselves in different roles as a milk man, the cashier at the store, a mother or a gardener, sometimes they may even imitate a dog, a horse or an animal. It’s fun and is a learning process.
  • Exploring And Experimenting Through Play
    Learning how to put jig saw puzzles together, creating blocks and discovering new ways of putting things together. This builds confidence in a toddler and independence.
  • Assists In Socio Emotional Development
    When toddler’s role play as a teacher teaching toddlers or acting as a mummy and feeding a doll, assists in social development. A toddler hugging a teddy bear, or feeding a stuffed puppy dog all assists in emotional development.
  • Develops Language Skills
    If you see your toddler play with her toys, dolls or other toddlers you will see that communication develops, they learn new words and over all development of language takes place.
  • Builds Independence
    When toddlers play by themselves, it’s there “me time” which empowers them. The toddler learns to be by themselves without clinging on to the parents.
  • Creativity
    Toddlers become creative by drawing, painting, dancing and doing something off the agenda.
  • Develops Physical Skills
    Motor development takes place during play, while the toddler learns to play with dough, play with blocks, and pick up toys, grasp, leave and much more.

Importance of parents playing with their toddlers

  • When parents play with their toddlers it not only develops over all development in the toddler, but also builds a strong bond between you both.
  • Playing with your toddler is a positive, healthy and a memorable experience for the both of you.
  • Playing with your toddler becomes a household routine, which is healthy.
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