Potty Training

Potty training should be a patient process for you and your toddler. Forcing your toddler to suddenly start using the pot is not taken nicely by a toddler. Each new transition and milestone achievement has to be done slowly, gently and with a lot of patience.

How do we make potty training easier and not a task?

  • Buy your toddler a potty training pot of their choice.
  • Let your toddler see you use the adult pot so your toddler understands the concept.
  • Give your toddler the choice of using the potty training pot when he or she wants to poop. To your surprise your toddler may just use her own pot.
  • Ask your toddler to sit on the toddler pot while you sit on the adult pot and read a book. This way your toddler will get savvy with the pot.
  • Let your toddler pee in the potty training pot and flush the pee in the adult pot. The toddler will enjoy the process of discarding the wastes and flushing it by itself. This will create a sense of independence in the toddler.
  • Use these simple exercises that will assist in potty training your toddler. Moreover, do not be pushy or hurry the process. Toddlers do not react well to be forced to learn something new.


Give them time to learn and explore.

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