Reading and Singing to your baby

Ofcourse a baby cannot read or write. However, your baby can hear and there are numerous benefits of reading and singing to your baby. Although your baby may not understand everything you are saying, however reading is a great way to stimulate your baby’s senses promoting effective brain growth and future language development.

Here are some benefits of reading aloud to your baby:

  • When you are weaning your baby off breast feeding, in most cases it is not the breast milk that babies miss. It is the closeness of mother and baby- the bonding position of breastfeeding that the baby requires for comfort and security. Therefore, reading to your baby in the same position of breast feeding is a good way for transitioning to other forms of feed. It helps in bonding. Mothers and fathers both should read to the baby.
  • It builds vocabulary skills from an early age, builds listening skills, introduces the baby to colours, letters and shapes. The baby’s brain is introduced to many words which aid in language development.
  • Socio emotional development takes place as various emotions and sounds are displayed. While you read to your baby, you may point out to pictures which help increase focus, eye hand coordination and thinking skills.
  • Reading is a great bonding experience with your baby. Both parents must make it a routine to read to your baby when the baby is not sleepy and is active. Moreover, reading is a great habit and builds readers.
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