Safety and Pregnancy

There are many factors to keep in mind when you are pregnant to keep yourself and your baby safe. Below are the certain risks during pregnancy and how to overcome and avoid them.

  • Smoking
    Smoking affects the fetus developing inside the mother. If a mother if sitting with a smoker in a room or around her, it affects the mother and the baby together. If your spouse is non-supportive, request him to smoke in the outdoor area where you and your baby are not exposed to the toxins from the cigarette. Did you know the by-products of the cigarette will stick to your partner’s clothes and skin which again in harmful to your baby and you. If your partner or friends who smoke around you are not supportive, you must leave the area so it does not harm you or your child. Keep your breathing space free from bad and polluted air. Show your partner how smoking can hinder the child’s growth and the dangers to the fetus. Your child is your responsibility. Its health is in only in a mother’s hands.
    Ask your spouse to quit. Did you know parental smoking increases the risk of respiratory diseases, and lung damage to your child? The chances of your child becoming a smoker will be high. Children exposed to smoke have low immunity levels, mental and physical deformities, and behavioral issues.
  • Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism can create havoc during pregnancy and postpartum if not treated
    Babies who do not get sufficient thyroxin hormone in the first trimester from their mother are likely to have neurological development problems, deafness. A shortage of the thyroxin hormone can cause constipation, mood swings, extreme fatigue, cramps in the body, sleepiness, drowsiness, memory loss, swelling in the hands and feet along with decreased libido. A pregnant mother if the shortage of thyroxin hormone is more sensitive to cold. Such a condition is called hypothyroidism, check with your doctor if you have been tested for this condition. If not, you can request for this test to be done. Such an imbalance can create disaster during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby. If you are suffering from this condition, inform your doctor as measures can be taken to control such an imbalance in your body, to eradicate further complications. A simple blood test can relieve your stress.
    On the other hand many women have another condition known as Hyperthyroidism when too much hormone is produced. It can cause complications in pregnancy if you are not being treated or diagnosed for it. The symptoms are fatigue, warm skin and sensitivity to heat, fast heartbeat, insomnia, weight loss. Please inform your endocrinologist and obstetrician you have been treated in the past for either of the above conditions or are currently taking medication for it.
  • Hot Saunas and Jacuzzi
    Stay away from a hot tub, a hot bath, a sauna, a hot jacuzzi and anything that raises your body temperature or a work out at the gym that increases your body temperature. It is hazardous to the baby, embryo or fetus- especially in the early months. It is safe to keep your belly out of the hot tub. You can soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes. If you have been in a hot tub for more than 10 minutes and have felt uncomfortable, speak with your doctor. You may ask for an ultra sound examination or prenatal tests to relax your mind. Lengthy stays in hot waters result in dehydration, lower blood pressure and dizziness.
  • The milk you drink
    To protect your baby and yourself from an infection from milk drink only pasteurized milk. Bacterial infections such as listeria are caused due to un-pasteurized milk. Do not consume milk outside your home such as cheese, butter milk, white butter and other dairy that you do not where it has come from. Look for labels on packaged dairy saying made from pasteurized milk. At home, boil your milk before you drink it. Eggs too are pasteurized these days which eliminates the risk of salmonella. Avoid drinking juices that are raw to avoid E coli disease. Drink home made fresh juices, made under hygienic conditions only.
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
    Many people believe that drinking one glass of wine during pregnancy has no side effects on the baby. The truth is there is no research that supports drinking one glass of wine is a safe bet. The fact is that alcohol in any amount is not safe for the baby. It is known that alcohol enters the fetal bloodstream in the same concentrations present in the expectant mother’s blood. This means if you are sharing the glass of wine, beer or any form of alcohol for your baby. It takes the fetus two times more to get rid of the alcohol in the system, which means the baby can faint, while the mother is pleasantly enjoying her drink.
    Drinking can lead to serious obstetrical complications and “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome”- also known as “a hangover that lasts a lifetime”. Babies may be born with metal deficiency, deformities in the head, face, limbs, heart and central nervous systems. Children who survive have abnormal vision, behavioral, social problems. They may end up having drinking problems by the age of 21.
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