Sleeping and Pregnancy

Sleep is an important factor which influences our energy levels, our health and most importantly our state of mind. Good sleep during pregnancy may be a problem for some. However, learning to prioritizing sleep and following a schedule may be helpful in a good night’s sleep. Here are a few tips for a good night sleep during pregnancy.

  • Drink fluids throughout the day to keep hydrated and avoid drinking water during bed time. Keep away from aerated drinks, caffeine and chocolates before bed time, as it can keep you up.
  • Keep away from heavy, spicy and fried foods at night, a very full stomach can cause acidity, heart burn in a normal person and especially during pregnancy. It can keep you up all night. Eat small and frequent meals all day.
  • Exercise a little during the day, it helps relax the nerves.
  • Try to sleep on your left side as it improves nutrient flow as well as blood flow to the fetus and uterus as well as kidneys. Avoid sleeping for long hours on your back.
  • If you are having restless leg syndrome you must consult your doctor immediately as well as if your snoring increases. Folate deficiency may be the cause for it. Speak to your doctor.
  • Take a warm bath before sleeping, dim the lights, and deep breathe if you are having difficulties in sleeping. Do not force yourself to sleep. Wake up to read, listen to soft music, talked to a loved one and try going back to sleep with a happy state of mind.
  • If you are at home, take frequent naps to keep your energy levels up.
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