Socio Emotional Development

Socio emotional development is not a physical change, however it can be observed by referring to the different milestone changes or skill development in your baby. For school readiness it is important to nurture and provide to your baby a platform for socio emotional growth. Babies are naturally inquisitive and are explorers by nature. They learn how to communicate what they need in their own way.

When your baby was just born, most of his time was spent sleeping, however now your baby may be curious and responds. They become more alert, can look into your eyes, can hear sounds and respond to your voice. They transition into an active state of mind. They also start crying, feel sleepy, learn to communicate when they are hungry or may cry when they need a diaper change etc. They learn to communicate and are quite excited when you cuddle him.

However, there are ways to nurture socio emotional development.

  • Be alert.
  • Be responsive.
  • Help your baby feel safe.
  • Be affectionate and nurturing.
  • Learn to recognize when your baby is tired.
  • Listen to your baby, do not ignore your baby.
  • Respect your baby’s uniqueness and difference. Not all babies are the same.
  • Most of all support your baby’s growth and provide a positive- healthy platform.
  • Have your baby socialize with other babies, family and friends. However, do not over stimulate your baby.
  • Hug your baby when your baby s crying, it will make them feel loved and hence secure.
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