Songs and Rhymes

Songs, rhymes, music, and singing are a great way to nurture brain development, language development and communication skills in a toddler.

It is a great way to help nurture skills in a toddler such as reading, dancing, and singing. It will help a toddler become more expressive with how they feel through speech. Toddlers learn to make their own songs when they forget words, which is a learning process for them as well as fun.

Rhymes on the other hand are a game of words. The tunes, the similarity of two words that sound like each other are all experienced through rhymes. Rhymes might be slow and some might be fast – a toddler learns how to slow down and speed up. They learn to pay attention on how to pronounce words with correct intonations.

Learning becomes easier when it’s fun. Also, toddlers that are exposed to songs, music and rhymes find it easier to speak, are creative and confident. They may enjoy it so much that dancing may become a part it.

Therefore, make music, rhymes and songs a part of your daily routine and watch your toddler enjoy as well as build skills.

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