Spouse and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of emotional change for the father to be also. There are many emotional transformations that go through the father to be. Sharing emotions and feelings increases bonding and releases fear and inhibitions. A spouse or partner plays the most crucial role during pregnancy. Comfort, love, care, security, help and a lot more is required to give a pregnant mom and no one better than a spouse can do it.

How can you be the perfect partner?

  • Giving the wife/partner attention
    Although a dad may not be pregnant, however he is an fundamental part of pregnancy. Looking at the changes in your spouse’s pregnant body should give joy to the spouse. Making her feel comfortable by massaging her back which is usually aching during pregnancy, doing some household chores, taking care of her meals and nutrition.
  • Eating healthy together
    If a spouse is a smoker, one should eliminate smoking around a pregnant wife and indoors as passive smoking is harmful for the pregnant mother and fetus. Instead indulge in healthy activities such as swimming together and relaxing holidays. Support your pregnant partner to eat healthy. It is easier to follow a regime when both partners follow the same healthy lifestyle.
  • Get ready for the Labour Day
    Prepare yourself with the route of the hospital, doctor numbers, and be there during labour to comfort and drive your wife/partner to the hospital. Support your partner at all times. Be the person she can fall back on.
  • Avoid fighting and disagreement
    No pregnant woman needs added stress. A loving environment keeps a healthy pregnancy intact which is good for the baby. A stressed out mother can affect the fetus and have early labour.
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