Stories and Toddlers

Storytelling and bed time stories are fun and entertaining for your toddler. However, the benefits of stories go a long way.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Reading

  • Language Development in Toddlers
    When you speak and read to your toddler through intonations and actions, it is easier for them to pick up and learn the words. Therefore, it increases the number of words and assists in toddlers communicating and talking. Your toddler soon will start imitating you read, by holding the book. This is a crucial as it makes toddlers ready for preschool reading and activities. Toddlers learn to grasp the basics of language and may develop an interest in reading.
  • Stronger Bond With Parents
    When you read to your toddler you both are spending quality time together, especially when it is a part of the daily routine. For example, father reading to a daughter is a great bonding experience, especially if the father is out on work all day. Reading to your toddler brings a sense of security within a toddler especially when parents snuggle with the toddler and hold them close.
  • Develops Cause and Effect
    Reading to your toddler develops the ability to apply logic and abstract concepts and reasoning.
  • Assists in making new experiences familiar
    If your toddler is soon going to go to preschool, you can tell them a story or read a story of a school bus that takes all toddlers to school, they have fun, play, read and then come home to their mums. This way the toddler is being familiarized with what is ahead of them, making them comfortable and easy for them to relate when they sit in a school bus.
  • Develops concentration in a toddler
    Many a times when you read to your toddler they may get distracted but there are times when your toddler is completely focused on what you are saying. As time passes by your toddlers focus and concentration may get stronger at every reading session. This helps in longer attention spans, discipline and toddler learns to retain more information. Therefore, as a parent you must provide your toddlers a platform of reading and learning in the early years.
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