Teething and Toddler

Teething can be a painful process for the toddler and parents.

What is teething?

Toddler teething usually takes place between 13 to 19 months. What happens? The toddler molars tear through the gums, you will see a small part of the teeth starting to appear or poke out from the gum.

How does a toddler react to teething?

A toddler is in discomfort, pain and new changes always bring about emotional changes too. Therefore your toddler may cry, have tantrums, may not be able to sleep due to pain, may not like to eat food due to pain and discomfort, may start to drool which may cause drool rash on the skin.

Toddlers may want to chew and bite on something to ease the pain in the gums as gums become swollen and sensitive. Teething can cause ear pain and ear infections causing a fever too.

However, not all fevers or ear aches are due to teething. Therefore, if you see such symptoms or signs it would be advisable to take your toddler to a doctor.

The remedy is to comfort your toddler and be patient. Do not ignore your toddler’s needs, be loving and if need be take your toddler to a doctor if pain or discomfort persists.

What can parents do for toddlers to ease teething?

  • Cold compressions
    Offer your toddler cold foods such as popsicles, cold juices, cold shakes, ice cream, and yogurt. The cooling effect helps in ease swellings and pain. However, if your toddler is prone to colds and coughs or is unwell, do not offer cold foods. Talk to your doctor if needed. Foods such as a frozen carrots or frozen pieces of apples or banana can ease the pain. Do not offer your toddler small fruits that can a choking hazard.
  • Drool rash remedy
    Wipe your toddler’s drool on the mouth and sides of the mouth with a soft dry cloth gently. Do not rub your toddler’s face. Only dab it with a soft hand towel and moisturize it a little. Over all, make the experience stress free for your toddler. Be supportive and consult a doctor if needed and if problems persist.
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