Teething Troubles

Did you know that teeth slowly work their way through your baby’s gums. It’s a natural phenomenon. However, it is a painful process for your baby and ofcourse you too.

What happens to your baby during teething?

  • Drooling baby
    Your baby starts to drool, which means excess saliva coming out from your baby’s mouth. Babies may get aggravated with the excessive drooling. This may also cause a rash on the skin around the lips or chin. When this happens, use a soft cloth with warm water and pat your baby dry around the mouth, lips and chin, wherever the drool has fallen. Make sure you do not rub your baby’s face. They too may cause skin irritation. To avoid dryness use a cold pressed coconut oil or an oil your baby is used to. Avoid nut oils as some babies are intolerant to nuts. In addition excessive drooling can go to the back throat and cause your baby to cough or throw up. Be cautious and do not leave your baby unattended during this time.
  • Upset Stomach baby
    Yes you will be surprise that teething when causes drooling may also cause diarrhea to your baby. Keep the diaper area clean to avoid a rash.
  • Biting baby
    During teething your baby may want to chew or bite on something to soothe itself. Your baby may grasp your hand, finger, toys or pacifier. You may give your child a cool teething ring which is safe and is colour proof or a popsicle.
  • Not so sleepy baby
    Teething is painful and may keep your baby up at night or may be a hindrance in a good night sleep or nap. Pick ways to soothe your baby.
  • Temperature and not so happy baby
    Consult your baby’s doctor if your baby has temperature, is crying too much and is very uncomfortable. The doctor may prescribe a medication or techniques to soothe your baby. Do not self diagnose your baby.
  • Not so hungry baby
    Your baby may not want to eat or drink due to the pain. Try soft foods, mashed fruits etc or something cooling. Cooling eases the pain.
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