Some of the interactions I really enjoyed in the session with my baby. Apart from these all I would like to appreciate the presentation of the videos and the sessions. Thank you for the knowledge to me about my baby. Thank you Born Smart.

Mr. & Mrs. Doiphode.

Born Smart program has helped us understand the importance of brain development in early childhood. The experts talk videos are very much informative.

Lokesh Kaira

Very useful and well organized program. We came to know how young child's brain processes during this age. We are now doing Born Smart activities at home too.

Kaushik Vachchani

Born Smart videos are very helpful for me as they talk about things I was not aware of. These game help me bond and we are now more able to understand our baby.

Kritika Chauhan

As a parent we have been doing things very much similar at times but without understanding the true value behind it. Now I'll implement these all useful instructions happily with my baby. Thanks to Born Smart.

Padma Shrinath Somayaji

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