The Colic Baby

What is Colic?

Colic is basically when your baby cry’s more than three hours a day, thrice a week for more than three weeks. When a baby cries approximately the same time everyday and even after you have comforted your baby, your baby may have colic. Your baby may be well fed, taken care of yet the crying doesn’t stop. Colic mostly starts after a few weeks after the baby is born. However, the condition improves by 3 months of age. You must know colic is temporary and disappears in a few weeks or months. It is one of the major challenges of parenting. However, if you are concerned and your baby is not looking well, please call your doctor immediately and have your baby checked. Do not self diagnose your baby. The process may be overwhelming for many mothers, therefore reach out to your near and dear ones.

How do you know your baby has colic?

  • Crying at the same time everyday
    A colic baby suddenly starts crying with reasons unclear to parents. It may cry at the same time each day – during the day or in the evening. Babies may cry for three hrs or a few minutes too. When your baby is ending the crying or let’s say the colic episode, it may burp, pass gas or poop. As parents keep a journal and record everything so you start understanding your baby better and can also share it with your baby’s doctor.
  • Intense screaming and crying
    No amount of consoling or comfort may be able to relax the baby or ease the baby. The screams may be very loud and high pitched.
  • Colic baby’s posture
    During a colic episode, a colic baby curls up clenches its fist and has tense abdominal muscles.However, crying may also be a result of an injury, hurt, pain or another medical condition your baby has. Therefore, seek immediate doctor’s attention and do not use home remedies. It is ideal to record your baby’s eating habits, sleep time and duration as well as behavior. This will help you keep a track of your baby’s routine.
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