The Talking Toddler

Toddlers start learning and picking up words between the age groups of two and three. One they start picking up words they love to talk and will be chattering most of the time. However, each toddler’s speech and language develops at different paces. Therefore, do not worry if your toddler is a late talker.

Parent’s Role in Language and Speech Development

  • Parents play an important role in a toddler’s language and skill development. This means parents need to be more encouraging towards their toddlers, listen to their toddlers and not ignore a talking toddler.
  • You will be surprised that by the age of two children may be familiar with and know 20 to 200 words. By the time they are three toddlers know approximately 1000 words.
  • Reading to your toddler since babyhood, assists in language development and creativity in toddlers.

Language Develop in Toddler Years 1 to 3 Years

  • When your toddler turns one he or she may start saying words such as mama or papa.
  • By the time your toddler turns 1.3 years of age he or she will be able to add intonations at the end of a sentence such as a high pitch and use actions or gestures to express itself. If you have been conversing with your toddler as a baby he or she will be able to understand simple requests such as “Come here”, “Let’s eat food”.
  • By two years of age your toddler may use approximately 50 words or more. However, each toddler develops at different paces. Toddlers at this age like to talk and chatter to themselves while they indulge in single play or with company.
  • By the time your toddler is three years old he or she is able to use intonations, will be able to shout, scream and express it. Your toddler may be able to put together three word sentences and make simple conversations with you.


Therefore, be patient. Do not complete your toddler’s sentences. Let your toddler speak.

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