Working and Pregnancy

Most women are able to continue working during pregnancy. However, precautions need to be taken to stay fit and not over doing it. One must realize the focus should be on the pregnancy and over working should be avoided as it may cause complications to the baby and you.

Below are pointers to keep in mind while at work

  • Sleep early
    If you have to go in to work early or stay late, make sure you sleep and rest properly to avoid fatigue. Avoid household jobs if you are tired. Sleep is very important for a balance state of mind and to keep fatigue away.
  • Dress for comfort
    Staying comfortable is the mantra. During pregnancy, focus on comfort and not only style. Opt for pregnancy friendly clothes to keep you comfortable and cool all day.
  • Sitting and Standing
    Activities such as walking, standing, sitting cannot be done continuously. Breaks will be required or else a pregnancy woman may suffer from fluid retention in the legs etc. Therefore, wear loose clothes. Move your legs and feet around for proper blood circulation. Keep a stool under your desk to keep your legs elevated. Wear comfortable foot wear.
  • The chair
    Adjust your seats to your comfort; opt for firmer and sturdier chairs at work that support your lower back. Pay attention to posture, especially if you have a sitting job. You can use a pillow to support your back if required.
  • Work place stress
    Try to keep calm through breathing techniques at work. Remember the priority during pregnancy is you and your baby. Take control of your emotions and keep away from work gossip, stress etc. Speak with your boss for flexible hours, work load etc as per your requirements and what is best for you for a healthy pregnancy. To manage stress join a pre-natal yoga class to keep your nerves calm. If you have a hectic job with long hours you may be at high risk of early labour. Take time off from work or make changes. Keep away from harmful substances, long work hours, lifting heavy objects, cold environments, closed enclosures and high altitudes.
  • Eating at work
    Carry your food and snacks with you at work. Do not starve as when you starve your baby starves too. To sustain a healthy baby one should eat and not starve. Eat and water to avoid acidity and nausea. Stock up on fresh fruits, crackers, dry fruits which can be had anytime during the day. Eat iron, protein, calcium rich food. Do not avoid any food groups. The right oils and carbohydrates are mandatory for you and your baby.
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