Your Toddler’s Development

Your toddler goes through immense physical- gross motor skills, emotional, social developments throughout toddlerhood. Parents need to be supportive, caring and nurturing at all times even when times seem difficult when you are dealing with a tantrum toddler. However, understanding the cause of your toddler’s behavior will help you make wiser decisions and reactions.

Below are the basic developments in a toddler from 1 to 3 years of age

  • At 12 months
    Toddler learns to walk, attempts to walk while holding something, toddler might fall, feel frustrated or feel happy.
  • At 13 months
    Toddler feels emotional and there will be times when your toddler is very cranky and very happy.
  • At 14 months
    Toddler uses the word “No” for everything. Be patient, it’s a phase.
  • At 15 months
    Toddler may retaliate and express what it does not like.
  • At 16 months
    Toddlers display stubbornness.
  • At 17 months
    Toddlers begin to get naughty.
  • At 18 months
    Toddlers understand boundaries, however not necessarily follow them.
  • At 19 months
    Toddlers love their space. Give them time to play and be by themselves.
  • At 20 months
    Toddlers may start feeling fear. Be supportive and nurturing.
  • At 21 months
    Toddlers may start expressive their own individuality.
  • At 22 months
    Toddlers love exploring everything – from your closet, to the jewellery box to all the groceries in the fridge.
  • At 23 months
    Toddlers may always want company such as mom, or someone who is around them all the time. They may not let you go and may want you to be a part of their play.

At 2 years of age

  • At 24 months
    Display love, anger, happiness.
  • At 25 months
    Toddlers like routines. If something out of routine is done they may get edgy and have tantrums.
  • At 26 months
    Toddlers start whining when things don’t go their way or if they are sleepy or tired.
  • At 27 months
    Toddlers start saying thank you and please – basic mannerisms are picked up watching adults.
  • At 28 months
    Toddler may or may not enjoy painting, drawing and will scribble all over.
  • At 29 months
    Stating independence, toddler will want to do everything by itself.
  • At 30 months
    Your toddler may want to accompany clean the house, vacum, do the laundry. Basically copy everything you do.
  • At 31 months
    Toddler may become a fussy eater and eat what it likes.
  • At 32 months
    Toddler may take time in making friends.
  • At 33 months
    Toddlers may get fussy but they may give into treats and bribes. Keep away from bribing your toddlers.
  • At 34 months
    Toddlers may start enjoying afternoon naps.
  • At 35 months
    Toddler is seeking for knowledge and may enjoy new books, outings and is ready to understand and learn more. Be patient and provide a positive platform of learning.
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